Our programmes have been developed to give every player the right environment, coaching, and specialist resources they need in their journey as tennis players.


Give it a go. While our beginners’ programme is an introduction to tennis, the focus is on learning the right technique.

We teach the four basic strokes – forehand, backhand, serve and volley. We help kids develop better ball skills, agility and anticipation. Once they are confidently hitting the ball, they can rally with partners.

Our coaches are specially trained to teach beginners and especially to create a very supportive environment to enable each child to learn at their own pace.

The goal is to get them to love the game, become passionate tennis players and reach their potential. We hope that they will learn more than just tennis. That they will learn a few life skills as well.


Once the fundamentals have been grasped, competing is exciting. But it takes discipline and hard work to win matches.

Our squads comprise tough drills to improve consistency, court coverage and stamina. Matchplay is all about mental toughness and strategy.  Kids compete with peers at a similar level to prepare for inter-club and Australian Ranking Tournaments.

Our Squads usually comprise 4-6 players of a similar level. We also offer fitness training conducted by specialists and customised for each tennis players needs. Our juniors often travel together with a coach to tournaments which gives them a great support system.


For players that want to make a career in tennis pursuing their dreams of joining the pro tour or pursuing Collegiate tennis overseas, BTA has a full-time programme to help players make the transition. From the Australian Tour to ITF tournaments, from finishing schooling to preparing for the challenges of Collegiate Tennis – the leap requires total commitment.

BTA’s Elite programme conducted by top-notch specialists in tennis coaching, fitness, health and nutrition and psychology is aimed at ensuring that a player gets every input needed. We plan which tournaments to play, the travel, provide guidance for the application process and give the player the best shot at success


BTA runs the senior tennis programme at the Patterson Lakes Tennis Club (PLTC) designed for local tennis players to enjoy social tennis, events at the club with their families and play the interclub competition run by the regional associations.

Although we are primarily a tennis coaching academy, adult tennis at PLTC is a success story we are very proud of. It has revitalised the club and community and we have added on a Pro Shop, barbeque on the deck and cafeteria so tennis families can meet and mingle. In the last 2 years, we have created many a memorable evening and local tennis players now have a place to call their own.

Night tennis now has 000 members and is growing. PLTC has more teams participating in club competitions and pennant. We are proud to be a part of this fantastic community.