About Us


Boomers Tennis Academy (BTA) is a young organisation. And although we started out with a simple plan to offer tennis lessons at the Patterson Lakes Tennis Club, we have become so much more. We teach tennis – to beginners and future champions, we run tennis clubs and facilities and we are building an organisation that can support a players journey all the way. This our story.


The Patterson Lakes Tennis Programme started with some juniors and a few seniors playing the Bayside weekend competitions. As word of mouth spread, we had several more juniors join us and night tennis became popular

As our juniors progressed, BTA began squad training, planning and organising tournament schedules, bringing in specialists for fitness, health and nutrition. It started to come into its own as an Academy – one that went beyond tennis lessons – to shaping the tennis journey for their juniors. Here’s what one mum had to say:”

“…….the skills they have learnt have extended well beyond the tennis court. Through the game, they have learnt to think strategically, play with perseverance and tenacity. Off the court, they have learnt the true meaning of sportsmanship – to work as a team, to act with respect, integrity and always be kind.”

As these juniors continue to grow, we offered more – full-time programmes, with online schooling that helps optimise training time. Planning one step ahead of their needs, we are now partnering with experts to help them access Collegiate tennis overseas and international competitions. PLTC won its first Senior Pennant and we are now attracting players at all levels of the sport.


When BTA came to the Patterson Lakes Tennis Club, it was a quiet, suburban club. It had a lot going for it – 6 floodlit courts, a very large clubhouse, plenty of parking and was easily accessible – just off a couple of major highways. And it was a stone’s throw from the shops.

As word got out of our coaching programmes and social tennis, more members began to trickle in. And as the clubhouse got busy, we added in a wrap-around deck and a barbeque. Soon players, siblings, parents, kids and their dogs were all showing up for club events. The kitchen doubled up as a cafe, catered by several local businesses and when Babolat came on board as a sponsor, we opened a well-stocked Pro Shop.

PLTC is a buzzing club that we are very proud to be part of. It’s become a magnet for tennis families to come together for celebrations, barbeques and fundraisers. It’s a warm fuzzy feeling.



BTA started slowly delivering grass roots tennis coaching,  building to intermediate and advanced.  BTA has invested heavily in coaching the juniors, looking after the clubhouse and investing in the facility. Today it has a great team of – coaches and fitness trainers. Each one of them is here, not just to do a job, but because they share similar training passion and values.

Even bigger and just as important are the BTA partners – professionals who are a part of the BTA family, available whenever the need arises – be it a doctor specialising in health and nutrition, physios experienced in treating chronic injuries, educators that can help our online schoolers or recruiters who can open doors for our juniors overseas. It gives the Academy a huge advantage – it is flexible, bringing in the right specialist resources as and when needed. It allows us to innovate, create solutions and move forward more confidently.

And then there is the wider tennis community that supports us – small local businesses, large sporting goods sponsors, regional tennis associations. With each one these groups, BTA has built a strong, mutually beneficial and lasting relationship.